What You Need to Know about Modular Kitchen Designs

Health is a major priority in food service businesses and even establishment cafeterias in Chicago and across the country. With increased awareness on health and wellness, we are now more aware of what needs to be in our plate. Modular kitchen designs offer a great deal of functionality and efficiency on the way we handle commercial food service management. The government is also pushing for a healthier, more manageable kitchen setting in schools, universities, business establishments and even correctional facilities. Everybody needs to have access to healthy food and proper nutrition anywhere around the state.

Because of the ongoing issues in health and wellness, particularly malnutrition and obesity, the government is now pushing new ideas on how we could minimize these cases which can lead to huge fatalities. Food service consultants make sure that these standards are put into place to guarantee that your kitchens serve healthy, quality food with commercial kitchen permits. Aside from ensuring your food is healthy, these professionals are also responsible for creating a proper kitchen process that keeps all the deliciousness in food and as well as the nutrition that everyday humans need to function in a demanding society such as ours. There are so many ways that these experts can help you out in your cafeterias.

However, schools, universities and restaurants are not the only ones with the need for proper commercial kitchen design. Correctional facilities are also in great need of a consultant to ensure that inmates get the proper nutrition that they have from the daily rations in the prison cafeteria. Even for correctional facilities with maximum security inmates, distribution of food rations needs to be healthy and on time. In accordance with food standards, inmates get proper nutrition through these healthy rations and they are entitled to have access to them throughout their sentence.

Schools and universities have the more reason to review and assess commercial kitchen designs. Kids nowadays will eat anything that looks good and appealing to them, you wouldn’t want them to chow down on some unhealthy lunch? This is a major reason why most kids today are either overweight or obese because, schools themselves are serving high-cholesterol foods. Aside from that, kitchen for cafeterias are undermined with no importance at all. In the effort to prevent malnutrition and obesity in children, the government is implementing several programs that assess kitchens in elementary, high school and colleges to ensure that they are serving quality foods for all students.

Awareness against obesity and malnutrition had urged us to do more than just provide for healthy food. In case you don’t know, the condition is sweeping the country by storm. Being overweight can open doors to sickness in ways you can imagine. It is seen as one of the top causes for two of the most prominent killers in the world: heart attack and diabetes. Coming from a world where every food is cheap, you ought to be more careful in selecting every morsel that you chow down for nutrition. You need to make sure that your establishment is following government-standard modular kitchen designs and have their own permits and certifications regarding the safety of their food.

The best way to properly see through your kitchen management is to hire a food service consultant or if you are in need of remodelling your commercial kitchen, you can have the service of a good commercial kitchen architect assistance. All these services and more, now available in Los Angeles through our website. All you need to do is browse our blogs and our services, email us for any comments, suggestions or reactions or call our toll free hotline at 1-800-205-6106. Ask us today for a free quote from our reliable customer service agent that can assist you in any ways necessary with regards to our food service management.

Tips on how to Design a commercial modular kitchen

Now that we know the importance of having a food service management team, we move on to how designs and concept can affect proper kitchen work-flow. Here are some steps on how you could improve your commercial modular kitchen with the help of a food service consultant:

  1. Availability of space. Space will always be a major factor that could affect your design concept for your kitchen. If you are hoping to remodel your kitchen area, you would need tons of space in order for your kitchen staff to operate properly and have the right equipment.
  2. Types of drawers and cabinets available. Drawers and cabinets play a crucial role in a commercial kitchen design. There are many types of drawers and cabinets that are available online and your local hardware stores. These help with storing utensils and keeping food and other ingredients from spoilage.
  3. Shape of the actual kitchen itself. Depending on how you want your commercial modular kitchen to look like or the shape of your space or building, you will be able to maximize your kitchen process workflow by efficiently having a good kitchen shape. Among the most common ones are U and L shapes.
  4. Modular kitchen appliances. One of the biggest influences in design is the technology that is behind the kitchen magic. You have a wide range of kitchen electronic devices you can choose from with varying designs and etc. Choose one that is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

Putting all of these into perspective, a food service consultant would be able to assess and help you in designing your facility modular kitchen. Not only do they produce healthy treats, modular kitchens are also aesthetically pleasing. For many establishment owners, getting top quality food service is important; the more reason that you should invest in a good consultant.

If you are looking for a temporary kitchen design consultant, then grab this opportunity to call us right now at our toll free hotline number at 1-800-205-6106. We are available in Denver and in other states around the country. You can also email us at our website for more information, inquiries and suggestions with regards to our services. From portable kitchen designs to jail food service consultants, we have everything for you.